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BIOmac Seminar

The BIOmac Seminar brings together research groups in the area of biochemistry at the University of Bayreuth. It is intended to foster collaborations between these groups and to give an opportunity for young researchers (Master Students, PhD students, Postdocs) to present their work and to discuss their results.

The BIOmac Seminar takes place in the BIOmac Seminar room  at 9am every three weeks on Thursdays. Research Talks should be prepared to last about 30 min to allow for ample discussion during and after the seminar.

 BIOmac Seminar Series Fall/Winter 2017/2018

The following dates are scheduled during the Winter Semester 2017/2018. Please get in touch with me (Claus) in case you have question or you want to schedule or re-schedule a seminar

October 5

Josef Kynast, Biopolymers: "Conformational states of the reverse transcriptase from the yeast retrotransposon Ty3"

October 19

Stefan Knauer, Biopolymers: "Deciphering the regulation of bacterial transcription by NMR"

November 9

Jennifer Nack, Möglich Lab: "Light-regulated RNA binding for expression control"

November 30

Francisco Lobos, Höcker Lab: "New tricks with old bricks: Designing functional protein fold chimeras."

December 14 

Florian Gisdon, Ullmann Lab: "Mechanistic insights into nonenzymatic protein deamidation"

January 11

Felix Klatt, Kuhn Lab: "Structure and Function of the human Mediator kinase module"

February 1

Julia Hennemann, Möglich Lab: "A blue light-regulated gene expression system"

February 22

Horst Lechner, Höcker Lab: "Design of Artificial Enzymes for the Baylis-Hillman reaction"

 BIOmac Seminar Series Summer 2017

The following dates are scheduled during the Summer Semester 2017. Please get in touch with me (Claus) to schedule your seminar.

April 27
Matthias Ullmann, Ullman Lab: "What can pH titration curves in proteins really tell you on proton transfer energies?"
May 4Thomas Wiegand, ETH Zurich: "Structural plasticity of a DnaB helicase studied by magnetic resonance spectroscopy"
May 18Philipp Zuber, Biopolymers: "Regulation of bacterial transcription by the transformer protein RfaH"
June 8Bruce Lichtenstein, Höcker Lab: "Optimization of a Bacterial Protein Carrier for Non-Native Cargo"
June 29   Thessa Jakob, Biopolymers: "Structure determination and ligand binding of the hazel allergen Cor a 1"

July 26, WednesdayLisa-Marie Schneider, Kuhn Lab: "The role of enhancer RNAs in promoter-proximal pausing"

 BIOmac Seminar Series Fall/Winter 2016/2017

The following dates are scheduled during the Winter Semester 2016/2017. Please get in touch with me (Claus) to schedule your seminar. I am looking forward to a new series of exciting research talks!

October 20Kaspar Feldmeier, Höcker Lab: "Peptidase design: Turning scaffolds into enzymes"
November 10Florian Gisdon, Ullmann Lab: "Enhancing Proteolytic Activity of a Cysteine Protease"
December 8, (10am!)Iana Kim, Kuhn Lab: "piRNAs - the secret of immortal worms"
December 22Franziska Haumaier, Biopolymers: "Tracking the tumor-associated gene b-raf and quinolone resistance in Helicobacter pylori by qPCR"
January 12
Stephan Schwarzinger, ALNuMed/Biopolymers: "Chemometrics and Metabonomics – Recent developments at UBT"
February 2Saacnicteh Toledo-Patino, Höcker Lab: "Lego Protein (R)Evolution"
February 23Oxana Kempf, Bombarda Lab: "Fluorogenic peptidic substrates to study protease reactions: the case of phytochelatin synthase"

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